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Over 30,000 attended our first programs held on World Ocean Day 2021.  With five programs worldwide, we had mermaid reporters on location at aquariums, zoos, and rescue centers sharing educational topics supporting biodiversity.  Now we are on the CILC platform as an ongoing provider!  With professional educators of various backgrounds, our team can engage and educate children of all ages.

Fins Magazine is the world's leading mermaid magazine. A magazine that shares mermaids and all things mermaid, including safety, conservation, photography, education, and events.  The mermaid spirit of community, inclusivity, and acceptance is one very steeped in protecting our environment.

Fins Magazine believes that mermaids bring awareness and education to relevant environmental and social issues. A bridge between land and water, they can join the magic of fantasy and fiction with facts and science to educate our youth and, sometimes, even ourselves.

Fins Magazine has compiled an international team of professional mermaid educators to support our younger generations' social and environmental growth. Bringing content in their distinctive way, our reporters explore environmentally related subjects, engage in problem-solving, and identify actions to improve the environment.


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Birds Fly Six Years Without Landing: Mermaid Chelsea Explores the Albatross

ALOHA!  We are going to Hawaii to learn about the albatross, not only do they sleep while flying, they can fly for SIX YEARS without landing!  Fins Magazine Education Reporter Mermaid Chelsea will be live from Hawaii to tell us all about this bird...


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