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The deep canyons and sprawling mesas that define Mesa Verde National Park are home to over a thousand species of plants and animals, including several that live nowhere else on earth. For over 700 years, the Ancestral Pueblo people built thriving communities on the mesas and in the cliffs. Today, the park protects the rich cultural heritage of 26 tribes and offers visitors a spectacular window into the past.



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A Ranger Introduction to Mesa Verde National Park - FREE

Mesa Verde National Park, located in southwest Colorado, preserves the history of the Ancestral Pueblo people. With over six hundred cliff dwellings and nearly five thousand archaeological sites in total, Mesa Verde provides visitors with an...


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The Puzzle of the Past - FREE

For over 700 years the Ancestral Pueblo people built thriving communities on the mesa, including the many cliff dwelling villages nestled into the steep canyon walls. Today, rangers help visitors paint a picture of what life was like at Mesa Verde...


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