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Springfield Armory was established as the Nation’s First Federal Arsenal. The Armory was a leader in the development of interchangeability, technological innovations of firearms, mechanization and specialization in precision manufacturing, and the production of small arms. Springfield Armory had numerous cultural, geographic and economic impacts on the City of Springfield and surrounding communities. 

In 1968 Springfield Armory closed and reopened in 1978 to the public as Springfield Armory National Historic Site which works to preserve and interpret the story of the nations first federal armory and its lasting impact on the United States. 


Programs by Springfield Armory National Historic Site

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An Investigation into Shays Rebellion (FREE)

Shays Rebellion was a defining moment under the Articles of Confederation and showed how weak the current system of government was after the American Revolution. It ultimately was a factor that led to the Constructional Convention that led to the...


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Civic Engagement (FREE)

In this multi-day program have your students investigate an issue they see in their community and develop a Civic Action Plan which will have them thinking critically about how they can address and resolve the issue.


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From Patent Innovation to Invention (FREE)

Students will examine different patents and learn why people create an item and patent it. After learning about Thomas Blanchard they will be designing their own bridge, receiving a patent, and then building it. 


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The Evolution of Technology in Relation to Firearms (FREE)

See history come alive while learning about the technological advancements of the weapons once manufactured at Springfield Armory. Using historic artifacts, students will study Springfield rifles with a Park Ranger and learn how they worked to...


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Traveling Education Trunks (FREE)

Engage your students in a variety of different activities and lessons related to Women Workers during World War II and the Industrial Revolution through traveling education trunks. 


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Traveling into History through Photographs (FREE)

Explore the history of Springfield Armory by using critical thinking skills create and examining archival photos to write conclusions about work at the Armory.  


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