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There is always something happening at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. Adults, students, kids and families can explore natural and human history through a wide variety a of programs both in person and virtually.  Exhibitions present natural and cultural wonders from Colorado, North America, and the world. Check out the events calendar for upcoming lectures, workshops, and family activities, check out our Museum from home, or find out more about guided tours

The Museum is located in Boulder, on the University of Colorado campus, with a mission of research, education and stewardship of the largest collection of natural and human history artifacts in the Rocky Mountain Region!



Programs by CU Museum of Natural History

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Rock Star: Behind the Scenes with a Geologist (FREE)

How does a geologist go from collecting rocks outside to getting data for scientific research? Join us for an insider's look into a Geochemistry lab, exploring the tools and machines used to answer important climate questions, and engaging...


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“Participating in this program was awesome!  The kids need to see that there are definitely things they can do in the realm of science that doesn’t have to be scary or unattainable, and that there is a future for them in lots of different STEM places.  I think a lot of girls think that if I’m not good at math, I can’t do science.  So, it gives them more confidence to have these direct experiences.  It was really good for them.” Pueblo, CO 5th grade teacher 

“Our students had the chance to interact with real scientists in a personal setting. I think they come away from those interactions with the sense that careers in science are often exciting and interesting - and that the people in those careers are exciting and interesting, too. The focus on inquiry encouraged kids to think deeply about what they know and what they don't know yet. I think that helped the kids identify themselves as scientists.” Lafayette, CO 4th grade chaperone