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Tenement Museum virtual field trips immerse students in the past through 360° images, video, and primary sources. Students explore history through the stories of real people and see how their own stories are part of history. Immigration and migration are the foundation for all programs, and museum educators connect the themes of belonging, community building, and cultural adaptation in programming to create entry points for students of all identities and experiences.

Programs are adapted for students k-12, collegiate, and adult learners and led by a museum educator for a flexible, interactive, and inquiry-based experience that makes history relevant. All programs are aligned with the National Education Standards, the C3 framework, and multi-state Social Studies Scope and Sequence.


Programs by Tenement Museum

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Adapting Traditions: An Immigrant Family in the 1910s

The Rogarshevsky Family story features a Jewish American family and their 1911 tenement home. Students will consider similarities and differences between the Rogarshevsky family and families today while considering how families pass traditions and...


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From Puerto Rico to New York: A Family's Migration Story

Learn about the Saez Velez family, who migrated to New York City from Puerto Rico in the 1950s. Students learn about their migration story through their 1960s tenement apartment. Students will learn about Ramonita's work in the garment industry...


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Hard Times: Exploring Immigration and The Great Depression (High School & Adult)

By exploring a ship manifest and 1924 newspaper clips, students learn about the push and pull factors of the Baldizzi family’s immigration and the nativistic 1924 immigration law that created obstacles for their journey to the United States...


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Immigrant Women & The Labor Movement of 1910s New York | Celebrate Lower East Side History Month!

The Rogarshevsky Family story features a Jewish American family and their 1911 Tenement Home.  Students learn about their immigration and journey through Ellis Island. Two generations of this family worked in the garment industry, and students...


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Looking For Support: Immigration and The Great Depression In New York (Middle School)

Through exploration of the recreated apartment, oral histories, historic documents, and photographs, students will explore the story of how the Baldizzi family immigrated to the US and created a home during the Great Depression.


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Meet Victoria: Immersive Living History Program | Celebrate Lower East Side History Month!

Celebrate Lower East Side History Month and "


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Working Women: Chinese Immigration, Activism, and the growth of Chinatown in 1970s New York City

Explore the 1970s tenement apartment of the Chinese American Wong family, and a recreated garment shop featuring interviews with members of the Chinatown community. Students will consider how different generations of the family navigate language...


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

"[My students] loved getting to see the inside of the apartment and inquire into why the Epstein Family moved to NYC. ... My class had an infinite number of questions as we moved through the apartment and learned about their journey and life.  After the program the students continued talking about how life was different in the 1950's compared to now."

"Our guide/leader was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and did a great job at answering questions as they came up, while still maintaining the flow of the field trip"

"The virtual trip was exceedingly well managed and presented to students.  Victoria speaking in character was a wonderful experience for our students....brought much of what we have been learning about to life."