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In today's globally-competitive world, interactive learning and collaboration help students to develop the ability to work with others, practice social-emotional control, and be cross-culturally competent.

Global Learning Value Seal

CILC Values Ambassador: Kristin Edwards

Kristin Edwards is a Distance Learning Specialist for the Center for Instruction, Technology, and Innovation in central New York, where she enjoys connecting students and teachers to other individuals and classes all over the world.

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In the video, Kristin shares her students' experiences with global learning and its impact on them.

CILC’s four ambassadors advocate for CILC and help establish the foundational goals for each of our core values: relevant, diverse, global, and lifelong learning.

We totally felt like we were on a tour with Brandon Hall as our tour guide of Mayan Ancient City Ruins. We were taken to Mexico and Guatemala with actual footage taken by Brandon via pictures and videos.

CILC Member: Nassau BOCES - Grade 7


Content Provider: Learn Around the World

Program Title: Los Maya: A tour of Maya ruins

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