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Program Flyer: Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing: A Discipline Specific Approach

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Contact Information
Jan Zanetis
2075 Lookout Drive

North Mankato, MN 56003
Program Title
Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing: A Discipline Specific Approach
Program Type
Individual Program
Target Audience
Education: Curriculum Director, Professional Development Director, Video Conferencing Contact, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Title One Coordinator, Principal, Teacher, Media Specialist/Librarian
Maximum Number of Participants
Minimum Number of Participants
Primary Disciplines
Video Conferencing Awareness, Video Conferencing Integration, Video Conferencing Planning and Implementation, Curriculum, Instructional Programs, Best Practice, Collaboration
Secondary Disciplines
Problem Based Learning, Special Education, Technology/Information Science, Writing, Professional Learning Community, Title I, Standards, Leadership
Program Description
We know what videoconferencing is, but what can english teachers, math teachers, science teachers, visual arts teachers do with it? This awareness/brainstorming session will lead discipline specific teachers to identify uses of IVC and other collaborative tools that align with the department's mission and goals. Participants progress from initial awareness to a deeper understanding of the use of IVC as a powerful communication and learning tool. This program may be customized to address the needs of teachers of all disciplines. Gather the english Department, the social studies department, the foreign language department to brainstorm, learn, and create together.
Program Format
1. Opening activity
2. Identify and discuss goals of the organization.
3. Group work.
4. Discuss effective uses of videoconferencing.
5. Explore the CILC Web site.
6. Questions and comments
7. Closing remarks
Participants will:
- Identify effective videoconferencing options and their uses.
- Align various videoconferencing applications with their organization's mission, goals, and beliefs.
- Be confident and motivated to use videoconferencing.
National/Common Core Standards to which this program aligns
State/Regional Standards to which this program aligns
Program Length
90 minute workshop or tailored to client needs.
Date/Time Notes
Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing: A Discipline Specific Approach
Program Cost
Program Fee Notes
Cancellation Policy
The full fee will be charged to sites which cancel with less than a 48 hours notice. Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. CILC reserves the right to close registrations when workshops have reached maximum capacity or to cancel workshops that do not attain minimum requirements.
Program is Offered Through
Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing: A Discipline Specific Approach
Is recording allowed?
Program Delivery Mode(s)
Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...),, Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Skype, iChat, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...),, Webinar
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