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Through our partner providers, you can get accredited classes for your group or individual student. Courses include topics such as AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language and more. 


East Central Ohio Education Service Center

East Central Ohio Educational Service Center

East Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ECOESC), one of just five K-12 Confucius Institutes within the United States, is well-versed in sharing academic courses through Interactive Video Distance Learning.

Academic Courses Include:

  • Mandarin Chinese Levels I–IV 
  • American Sign Language Levels I–II
  • Spanish Levels I–II
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Classroom Coaching

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Edu-Together works together with schools all across the US to create personal online learning programs that meet the needs of the specific students. Every online class is designed together with our partner school in order to ensure a seamless integration with the school’s existing academic program. Edu-Together’s online sessions take place live and in real-time, according to the times provided by each school.

Academic Courses Include:

  • Beginner's Hebrew Language
  • Intermediate Hebrew Language
  • Advance Hebrew Language
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Jewish History 101
  • Zionism and the Birth of Isreal
  • High School Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Calculus AB

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South Central Service Cooperative

South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC) is an Education Service Agency headquartered in southern Minnesota. Crista Browne-Krosch is currently an instructor/facilitator with the SCSC. She has developed an interactive television (ITV) American Sign Language program working with over fifteen school districts in Southern Minnesota.

Academic Courses Include:

  • American Sign Language Level



Contact CILC Help Desk, 507-388-3672.


East Central Ohio Educational Service Center  

Reaction from East Central Ohio Educational Service Center Course Participant

“ My name is Ensleigh Hollon. I am a freshman at Tusky Valley High School, a participant of the Mandarin Chinese long distance learning program. All of my experiences this year have been positive. Now when I try to read Mandarin Chinese text, I can understand it as effortlessly as I understand English. The process of learning a different language (especially one so far from English, with fewer cognates) is difficult, but this program breaks it down into lessons and assignments that encourage thorough understanding and improved language recollection. All of these things, despite the lack of an in-school instructor, are conducive to a healthy, efficient learning environment where we can learn a new language that we are interested in quickly but proficiently. Mandarin Chinese is by far my favorite class, and I have been encouraged by the exposure to this program to explore other languages that I'm interested in. " 

Ensleigh, 9th Grade Student


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