Fall Back Into Digital Learning

October 27, 2022 • 10 a.m–3 p.m. ET

Climb aboard for a full day of live virtual learning. Connect with different experts to engage in interactive conversations, hands-on activities, and in-depth demonstrations to explore topics related to STEAM!Fall Back Into Digital Learning

Plan your route to make the most of this special series that includes five 45-minute live virtual field trips scheduled to begin at the top of the hour and run from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Eastern Time. All programs will be held in a webinar format that offers an easy one-click connection to share in any learning environment.

Registrants will gain access to digital resources to extend learning after the event and they will also receive a Fall Back Into Digital Learning worksheet to take notes on their stops.

Do not miss your opportunity to reserve your virtual seats today for NO COST using the links in the program schedule below! 

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We would like to thank the Walser Foundation for supporting the Fall into Distance Learning Festival. Through their generosity this special series is able to be held at no cost and supports CILC’s amazing Content Providers who are scheduled to facilitate the virtual field trips during the live event. To learn more about the Walser Foundation, click here.

2022 Fall Back Into Digital Learning Schedule

Reserve tickets for all or select virtual field trips, after registering a link will be sent automatically by Zoom. Then the CILC team will send detailed reminders so you are prepared for your live virtual visits.

10 am EST

Komodo Dragons

by Learn Around the World

During this program, we're taking your classroom to Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Your class will learn about and come face-to-face with the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon. We'll discuss their adaptations, management, and you'll learn how the park rangers keep themselves and visitors safe. So, lace up your hiking boots and let's go exploring.

Grade Level:  K-12

11 am EST

Art of the Sea Monster

by Explore Natural History: University of Nebraska State Museum

Did you know the Great Plains of North America was once COMPLETELY under water?! For 60 million years it was filled with marine life. Even, sea monsters…?! Join us in our Mesozoic Gallery to learn, observe, and draw directly from the fossils that tell the story of the Western Interior Seaway. Explore paleontology and scientific illustration careers.

Grade Level:  K-12

12 pm EST

Plant Parts and Pumpkins (K - Gr 4)

by Royal Botanical Gardens

Discover some cool facts about pumpkins, squash and gourds and what they need to grow. Get ready to share what you know about plants and what you like to do with pumpkins!

Grade Level:  K-12

1 pm EST

Reptile and Art: a HISStory of Inspiration

by Booth Museum

Science and art combine! Western reptiles have been inspiring artists for thousands of years. Students will explore reptile-themed art and artifacts in the Booth's collection while interacting with LIVE REPTILES courtesy of Georgia Reptile Society. Students will discover the roles these animals play in their environments and in different cultures and why protecting these animals and habitats are important. Students finish the program by creating their own reptile themed artwork!

Grade Level:  K-12

2 pm EST

Getting Your Game On: How Passion in Video Games are produced by STEM powered careers!

by Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company

Members of Team KAIZEN, the first company in Montana to become a PlayStation and Xbox certified game studio, talk about all the different careers that go into making video games. This talk is designed to show students that, even if they're not a programmer or artist, their passion in gaming can combine with their natural talents via careers ranging from writing, marketing and acting to even ones such as being a lawyer for video game companies.

Grade Level:  K-12