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Pinnacle Education Collaborative Festivals


Spring into Digital Learning was held February 23, 2021

This year's spring festival had 15 events throughout the day (see the programs below) and was enjoyed by 10,000 participants

The date for the Fall 2021 Festival will be announced Summer 2021.


THANK YOU to Cisco for sponsoring CILC's Spring into Digital Learning

9am EST

"Through Irish Eyes & Feet: Celebrating St. Patrick & Celtic Culture"
by Born 2 Move Movement Adventures, LLC

Just in time for the holiday, “Through Irish Eyes & Feet” celebrates and explores the lore around St. Patrick and his influence on Irish and Celtic cultures through the ages. In this program we enjoy stories revealing the Irish spirit, dance dances that embody some mythic creatures, and investigate how the Celts might be considered “Native Europeans”, much in the same way that indigenous peoples of North America are referred to as “Native Americans”.

Grade Level:  3-6

Jr Star Safari

Discover the animals in the night sky. Join your COSI Star Safari Guide along with the help of Orion, our master scout, to find animals in the night sky. This show created by COSI especially for early learners, features beautiful animal drawings, real animal footage from The Columbus Zoo and a tour of the night sky across COSI's 60-foot dome. No need to be quiet on this safari, the animals won't mind a few oohs, aaahs and shout-outs from the audience as they discover the beauty and wonder of the stars.

Grade Level:  preK-2nd

10am EST

The Fossil Record
by Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Together we'll take a look at actual fossils and discuss how you can find the clues that they hide and how to interpret their stories that unfolded millions of years ago. Invent your own prehistoric animals, follow along in the story of fossilization and discuss fossil finds like real paleontologists.

Grade Level:  2nd-5th grade

Chain Reactions from Household Materials, Tools, & Toys
by Playful Engineers

A Rube Goldberg-inspired romp into the world of building complicated chain reactions to accomplish simple tasks, from our own ordinary stuff. Artist/engineer Jay Mankita demonstrates best engineering practices for building Rube Goldberg Machines – inspiring students to build @home, from their own stuff. Jay assembles and demonstrates his favorite machine parts live, and adds video examples of some of his more complex builds.

Grade Level:  All Ages

11am EST

RMSA Jr. Astronaut
by Roper Mountain Science Center

During this program students will join Roper Mountain Space Agency’s Junior Astronaut Team where they will learn about our Sun and how technology enhances our knowledge about the Earth, moon, planets, and stars. Students will learn about satellites, telescopes, and the International Space Station. This program is designed to get students excited about Space and the possibilities for the future.

Grade Level:  K-4

Komodo Dragons
by Learn Around The World

Learn Around The World is taking you to Komodo National Park on this virtual field trip. You’ll visit the islands of Rinca and Komodo to meet the world’s largest lizard in its natural habitat. So lace up your boots and grab your Kahoot because this is going to be an adventure.

Grade Level:  3-6

12pm EST

Becoming BC Gallery Tour
by Royal BC Museum

Walk aboard Captain Vancouver’s ship Discovery, see a Cornish Water Wheel and learn about BC’s gold rush before taking a trip to Old Town during this 30 minute tour of the Becoming BC gallery at the Royal BC Museum. Learn about some of the fascinating events and places in the history of vast, diverse and unique British Columbia.

Grade Level:  Grade 4

Plant and Animal Adaptations of Joshua Tree
by Joshua Tree National Park

This program provides an introduction to the National Park Service and Joshua Tree National Park specifically, highlighting some plant and animal desert adaptations while showing plants in their natural habitat and using animal props.

Grade Level:  K-6th

1pm EST

Kanga: Message Carriers of East Africa
by Penn Museum

A kanga is piece of clothing worn in East African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Kangas are rectangular pieces of cotton with boldly printed designs surrounded by a decorative border. They include a Swahili proverb in the middle. Kangas are designed and chosen to express personal, political, or religious messages. Learn more about these vibrant textiles as you create your own kanga design that includes a Swahili proverb that speaks to you!

Grade Level:  K-6th

Animal Myths Busted!
by Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Can an owl turn its head all the way around? Do porcupines shoot their quills? Can turtles leave their shells? Join us on an exciting and engaging trip around our zoo as we present some myths and misconceptions about animals!

Grade Level:  All Ages

2pm EST

Taiwan Night Market
by Banyan Global Learning

Bustling streets fill with shoppers and vendors that waft sweet and savory smells until well past midnight: this is the nightly routine at Taiwan’s famous ’night markets’. To beat the heat, these historic markets open every night after dark and are visited daily by families and tourists alike. Children play arcade games, teens and parents shop for the latest regional trends and everyone delights in the unique flavor blends of Taiwanese street food. Join Banyan Global Learning as we visit these night markets to get a taste of life in Taipei, Taiwan. In this Field Trip Live, students join Banyan teachers as they walk through two different night markets sampling food and exploring entertainment. Dive into a unique cultural experience, learn some Mandarin, and have fun as we travel together across the Pacific.

Grade Level:  K-6

Dive into Shark Adaptations
by South Carolina Aquarium

Visit educators from the South Carolina Aquarium as we dive into the deepest tank in North America - our Great Ocean Tank! Meet the sharks that live there and learn all about the amazing adaptations that help them to survive!

Grade Level:  K-12

3pm EST

Growing Seeds
by Royal Botanical Gardens, Canada

What do seeds need to grow? How do they start to grow? Join Karin to explore different seeds and what they need to grow. We'll make an origami plant pot together and plant some seeds so you can observe them growing. Don't forget to have some newspaper, soil, seeds and water handy.

Grade Level:  Gr 3 - 6

Aerosols, Clouds and Climate!
by NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment

Learn about both natural (ash, sea spray, dust) and human (pollution) sources of aerosols and why understanding aerosols is important to our climate and our health. See a cloud in a bottle demonstration, incomplete combustion demonstration, and make your own particle collector.

Grade Level:  3-6

4pm EST

OceanEcho 30x30: Catch the Wave to Protect the Ocean
by EarthEcho International

EarthEcho International was founded on the belief that young people have the power to change the world. You’re invited to join a conversation with EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council members as they demonstrate how they are taking action to protect the ocean. In 2020, EarthEcho launched #OceanEcho30x30, a campaign to ignite activism in ocean conservation. During this session, participants will learn why it is important to protect the ocean, how we are all connected, what they can do in their own communities, and gain access to resources that will help them to lead their own conservation efforts.

Grade Level:  Grades 5 - 12



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