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CILC + Outschool

An exciting new partnership bringing remote learning offerings for all ages


Outschool logoAre you interested in classes for homeschoolers? 

Are you a teacher needing trusted, engaging content for your remote learners? 

CILC can help! 

We have partnered with Outschool, a leader in homeschool content providers offering thousands of classes for all ages.  Many of our content providers have joined Outschool and you can find their programs on CILC + Outschool.



This Month


Could You Be President? Presidential Poems

by Brad Tassell

Learn civics! Taught in a fun non political way, by a founding father-ish. Learn how the political process works.Your student will have a wonderful time learning about the presidents and partner poetry! This is one class.One hour!Wonderful!

Creature Tales: Dolphin Story Time (Animal, Marine Biology)

by Texas State Aquarium

Your students will enjoy an animal themed story and virtually meet the superstar animal of the book.

Summer Camp: Archaeology Adventure

by Explore Natural History: University of Nebraska State Museum

Ever wonder about the people of the past and their daily lives? You are thinking like an archaeologist! Come and excavate your own dig site, meet working archaeologists, and investigate and analyze our Museum as an archaeologist would do!

Summer Camp: Backyard Bugs

by Explore Natural History: University of Nebraska State Museum

In this multi-day class we’ll investigate mini and mighty spiders, worms, and pollinators, look at critters under the microscope, explore our Museum galleries, and use science skills to learn more about the bugs in our own backyards.

Summer Camp: Nature Sleuths

by Explore Natural History: University of Nebraska State Museum

In this multi-day camp we’ll learn how to use animal clues like tracks, scat, and sounds to learn about their lives. We’ll dig into a coyote den, yip like a prairie dog, and interpret track scenes to answer the question, “who’s been here?”

Writer's Round Table: Jokes!

by Brad Tassell

Write monologue style jokes with a 32 year comedy veteran. We research, draft, brainstorm, improv, revise, talk show style jokes in a collaborative writer's room style.

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