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Roam from Home
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The Roam From Home are FREE live interactive programs for adults that are held in collaboration with CILC and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum).


The Roam from Home programs have been generously underwritten by the University of Pennsylvania

Open to all, the Penn Museum is home to remarkable objects and powerful stories that emerge from its excavations and research across the world. Connect with the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean, from the very first cities of the Middle East to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt; from early Mexico to the lives of Native American communities today. Experience the richness of the ancient past, gain an understanding of our shared humanity, and find your own place in the arc of human history.

"I have watched 3 of these and hope you can continue all summer. I stay home as the governor requests and these are a highlight to my day!" - Vine LifeLong Learner Participant 


JULY 2020

Mesopotamia: Journey to the City by Penn Museum

Global Voyagers: Explore the World!

Vividly explore the ‘cradle of civilization’ through artifacts from the earliest settlements, temples, and royal tombs. Learn how ancient Mesopotamian societal practices gave rise to the world’s first cities through investigation of Penn’s archaeological digs in the Middle East. Investigate some of Mesopotamia’s innovations: the writing system, law code, and professionalization of labor. Through interactive conversations, students discover how these ancient cities, in many ways, are not very different from their own.

Audience: LifeLong Learners
Date: July 14, 2020
Time: 11am EST

Global Voyagers: Destination Ancient Rome! by Penn Museum

Global Voyagers: Explore the World!

Ancient Rome is our goal for this virtual voyage! Learn just a little Latin to get around, and hear some ancient tales that the Romans loved. Peek into some of the homes of Pompeii, and imagine what life was like inside. Discover how the Romans treated the emperors they loved, and dealt with the ones that they did not!

Audience: LifeLong Learners
Date: July 29, 2020
Time: 10:30am EST