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Virtual Vine: Roam from Home
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Virtual Vine: Roam from Home. Free live, interactive programs from CILC devoted to Grown-ups! All ages welcome.

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The Virtual VINE programs have been generously underwritten by the Mankato Area Foundation of Minnesota.

"I have watched 3 of these and hope you can continue all summer. I stay home as the governor requests and these are a highlight to my day!" - Vine LifeLong Learner Partcipant 

MAY 2020

Monuments of Washington DC by Learn Around the World

Learn Around the World

On this virtual field trip we’re going to Washington D.C.! We’re going to virtually visit select monuments located around the national mall and see where the three branches of the U.S. government resides. Join us for Washington D.C., the monuments tour.

Audience: LifeLong Learners
Date: May 21, 2020
Time: 3pm CST

Ancient American Art: Aztecs & Their Ancestors by Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art

This lesson introduces the art of selected cultures in ancient Mesoamerica (today, Mexico, Guatemala and adjacent countries). Objects of ceramic, gold and stone (including jade) shed light on religion and rulership among the Aztec, Maya, and others in the centuries before European contact. An effort is made to provoke students to think critically as they help the instructor analyze art works and their meanings.

Audience: LifeLong Learners
Date: May 22, 2020
Time: 3pm CST

Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitations by Sea Turtle Inc.

Sea Turtle Inc.

Join us at a sea turtle rescue center in South Texas to learn about injuries and threats facing endangered sea turtles and what Sea Turtle, Inc. is doing to help! Speak with a marine biologist about ocean conservation and visit with LIVE SEA TURTLE patients during your tour of our hospital. Programs can be tailored to a variety of age appropriate topics. All programs include: - Live Interactive Presentation - Live tour of hospital facility - Question and Answer Session

Audience: LifeLong Learners
Date: May 26, 2020
Time: 3pm CST