CILC TripStarter Fund: Where Discovery Happens!

Experience the world with a little help from friends by opening a CILC TripStarter fund, where contributions from others go toward supporting your group in embarking on live virtual field trips to world renowned museums, zoos, aquariums, historic sites, science centers, and more.

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Discover new horizons with the generosity of others using a personal CILC TripStarter fund to create a community-driven approach to learning and exploration. This new program empowers individuals to raise funds for their class, club, organization, or community group to participate in live virtual journeys that match their interests and take them around the globe.

Start fundraising today with your own TripStarter fund to go toward CILC Carnival Tickets or kick start a personal Content Dollar Bank Site! Sign-up using this form. After completing you will be sent a special link with suggested verbiage to help you spread the word to your network!

Pay for programs with tickets instead of dollars with the CILC Carnival Packages

Start connecting with groups around the world for dynamic global projects!

Avoid swimming in paperwork by letting CILC work as your billing agent using their Content Dollar Bank System.


Questions? Contact Tami Moehring, Director of Member Relations, 507-215-3705.


We are a small town in rural Alabama, Students got to experience a lesson that they would never have normally gotten to.

—Afterschool Program Coordinator