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Get ready to experience a world of knowledge and discovery with experts from museums, zoos, science centers, historic sites and more! As a Member of the CILC community, you’ll gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources and opportunities that will inspire a lifelong learning journey.

The CILC Virtual Field Trip Library holds over 2000 programs to choose from, allowing you to easily request virtual visits from diverse individuals and institutions that match your needs. Not to mention, as a Member you are able to purchase program packages to simplify the booking and payment process!

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But that’s not all - CILC Members are also gaining entry to the dynamic Collaboration Space, a unique platform designed to connect organizers with projects and groups in different locations for conversation-driven virtual visits that expand learning opportunities and foster meaningful global connections.

Joining CILC is completely free and offers countless benefits to educators, students, and lifelong learners alike. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with experts from around the world. Become a CILC Member today by clicking this link and start exploring using the ‘Getting Started Links’ lining the side of the page!

Start booking visits from the Virtual Field Trip Library!

Pay for programs with tickets instead of dollars with the CILC Carnival Packages

Start connecting with groups around the world for dynamic global projects!

Avoid swimming in paperwork by letting CILC work as your billing agent using their Content Dollar Bank System.

Open a CILC TripStarter Fund to help you fundraise to take your group on live virtual field trips!


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CILC and the Content Providers were all so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.

—Activity Coordinator at Commonpoint Queens After School Program