Open a Content Dollar Bank

As a CILC Member, you have the option to open a Content Dollar Bank account to make booking and paying for virtual field trips even easier for you and your network!

With this feature, you open an account and deposit funds then the CILC team will act as your billing agent by handling the invoices and payments with your Content Dollar Bank account. This streamlined process not only saves you time and effort but also provides you with more control over your budget for virtual visits.

To open a Content Dollar Bank, a minimum deposit of $5,000 is required. The CILC team will create a ‘Content Dollar Bank Site’ account with the organizing Member then work with you to customize the service details to meet the specific needs of your network

Open a CILC TripStarter Fund to help you fundraise to take your group on live virtual field trips! 


For Organization’s CDB Administrator
CILC meets with the interested party in order to determine how to best customize the service.

For Teachers
CILC provides FREE Awareness Sessions to the organization’s member school(s).


CILC serves as the billing agent for content purchased by the CILC Member’s network. Content Providers invoice CILC directly for payment.


Funds may be used for all of the Offerings on the CILC website. Premium Membership included with Content Dollar Bank saves Members 10-25% on a variety of programs.


CILC creates a ‘Site’ profile on their website for account management by the organizing Member for their network. This allows for 24-hour access to monitor the funds available in the Site’s account.


A customized tutorial is provided by the CILC team for all participating individuals in the network of the organizing Member.


Should there be a need for documentation to align with vendor policies, CILC will complete the necessary paperwork that might be required by the Member’s organization.


The organizing Member will act as the administrator of their ‘Site’s’ Content Dollar Bank giving them oversight of all funds. An online tool provides easy access to view the status, detailed scheduling information, and cancellation of all requested programs.


CILC creates a ‘Site’ profile on their website for account management and organizational access. This provides the Member and their network the ability to request virtual visits and professional developments.


CILC will provide letters of support or a written Content Dollar Bank proposal for inclusion in grant application(s).

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Questions? Contact Tami Moehring, Director of Member Relations, 507-215-3705.


I love using CILC! I book and facilitate events for my entire school and all grade levels.