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Ben Newsome:
Meet an Australian Science Presenter at Fizzics Education

Ben Newsome
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Title: Meet an Australian Science Presenter at Fizzics Education
Ben Newsome
Date: March 13, 2013

Session Overview:
Meet Ben Newsome who is the founder of the Australian science communication company Fizzics Education. Since 2004, Ben has coordinated a talented group of travelling science presenters across Australia in hundreds of school each year.

Fizzics has also been running interactive science workshops using videoconferencing to schools worldwide covering all sorts of topics:

  • Creative chemistry
  • Liquid nitrogen & material properties
  • Lego robotics
  • Weather and pressure
  • Flight
  • Renewable Energy
  • Australian dinosaurs
  • Astronomy
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Science in Art
  • Human Body and more!

During this Spotlight Session Ben will introduce how these syllabus-linked workshops and programs may fit with your lesson schedule, plus we'll also have a look at a new programme 'Talk with Aussie' which is designed for students to learn more about Australian culture, climate, geography, history, food and more.

As a qualified science teacher Ben has run countless primary teacher development science workshops for teachers looking to enrich their curriculum.

Ben will highlight a free web resource that details over hundred simple science experiments you can do using supermarket ingredients and run a number of experiments during the session that you can repeat easily. Additionally you'll have the opportunity to run an experiment during the webinar and experience how interactive these workshops can be. With plenty of time given to answer questions and so much to cover, it's going to be fun!