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Megan Noel:
Creating Effective Assessments

Megan Noel
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Title: Creating Effective Assessments
Presenter: Megan Noel
Date: March 14, 2012

Session Overview:
Tired of the "same ol', same ol'" when it comes to assessments? Looking to spice up those rubrics? Join Megan Noel of Educational Informatics as she explores effective assessments in this one hour webinar.

Join Megan in a 60 minute webinar to learn about how rubrics can be utilized in the classroom as powerful data collection devices in everyday instruction! Teachers will learn the basics of creating effective rubrics for student assessment. Topics will include designing performance tasks, learning targets, and the development of discrete and measurable criteria for assessment.

Megan is, first and foremost, an educator with eight years of classroom experience, and she currently is working with Educational Informatics as an educational consultant and trainer, specializing in assessment, technology and research. Dr. Noel has her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development, her master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision and her Ph.D. in Elementary Education as well as specialties in low- income/impoverished communities, literacy and special education.

Join us for this exploration of rubrics!