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Ary Mas-Aranguiz:
Twitter 101: How Twitterate Are You?  Teaching & Learning with Twitter

Ary Mas-Aranguiz
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Title: How Twitterate Are You? Teaching & Learning with Twitter
Presenter: Ary Mas-Aranguiz

Session Overview:
Tweeting is a literacy practice worth incorporating to enhance synchronous and asynchronous learning. Becoming a Twitterate educator involves learning to master the power of the hashtag, and understanding how to leverage the microblogging tool to hone learners' literacy skills. Learn how to design formal and informal learning opportunities with Twitter communication in 140 characters or less. Tweeting in a globally networked public space promotes dialogic teaching and learning but also the art of writing succinctly and the ability to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. Learn how to coordinate tweet chats for academic discussions and live tweeting of academic articles. If "in the 21st century the illiterate will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn," learn how twitterate you are; unlearn the misconceptions, and relearn how to improve learners' literacy through twitteracy, a literacy practice for the digital age.