Schedule Themed Professional Development  

Schedule Themed Professional Development

The use of interactive videoconferencing in education can be very impactful in engaging learners. Our workshops below will help your organization to maximize the effectiveness of this technology in a variety of applications. 

Video Conferencing Applications Packages

Customizable packages include consulting, coaching and multiple workshops.
Money saving packages range from beginning to advanced applications.



Videoconferencing and You Package

Engage or re-engage educators in videoconferencing

Classrooms are evolving. Teaching techniques are changing. Technology provides critical tools that encourage student learning in today's world. This package meets the needs of beginners and re-engages educators in videoconferencing.

Discover how videoconferencing can support teaching and learning. This powerful technology allows student-to-student collaboration, access to standards based content, and opportunities for interaction with outside experts.

Educators can take advantage of low-cost and convenient professional development opportunities via webinars and videoconferencing. Learn how these tools can help you meet current school improvement goals.

Package Includes:

  • 1 hour workshop for Educators 
  • 2 hours coaching/support consultation
  • 5 student programs
  • ​Copy of Video Conferencing for K12 Classrooms, 2nd Edition, by Jan Zanetis, Camille Cole, and Kecia Ray  

​Price: $1,980.00 



Collaboration Package

Learn best practices to enhance student communication with classrooms around the world.

What are the best ways to build effective collaboration? How can you use technology to gain access to experts and reach other students to share and collaborate? How can remote collaborations enhance student communication skills and learning?

This package enables you to use technology to create engaging learning environments that allow collaboration with other classrooms across the country and around the world. You'll learn best practices and tools to increase student motivation and communication – and ultimately student learning.

Package Includes:

  • 1 two hour workshop 
  • 2 hours coaching/support consultation 
  • ​Copy of the Global Educator by Julie Lyndsay 

Price: $800.00



Pricing may vary. Contact Jan Zanetis, Managing Director, 502-409-9777.


Longwood Gardens 

Program: "A Plant's Life (FREE)"

Reaction from CILC Member

“The interactive part was my favorite! The students enjoyed drawing their own seeds and finding the match to their seed or plant. The student were more eager to discuss the plant life cycle." 

3rd Grade Teacher

Longwood Gardens

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