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In the Connected Teacher Community, CILC members discuss and connect on various topics pertaining to the use of collaboration tools to enhance their personal classroom environment. They share and discover proven best practices and approaches using collaboration tools to empower learners, differentiate the curriculum and provide a digital environment in which students navigate the interconnected digital world within the classroom environment.


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I see some new faces in here!

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Jan - This is an opportunity for teachers to leverage online curriculum for FREE to encourage stude...

Jan - This is an opportunity for teachers to leverage online curriculum for FREE to encourage students to look at global issues that they can have a direct impact on. Head to to find out more.

What is Global Problem Solvers?

We should have some great projects getting started

Upcoming Events

Topic: Best Practices for Video Communications in K-12
Recording here
Join Zoom and the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for a discussion on how schools across the country are using video communications to enrich student learning with interactive virtual content. 

Title: Webex for Educators, Come Earn a Badge for Connecting your Classroom
Recording here
Password: Bc78UYJb
Description: Join us to learn how Webex in the classroom can provide you everything you need for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.  Webex is the only tool needed to collaborate with other educators, students and even your parents. 

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Classroom teachers are continually looking for ways in which to personalize and meet the needs of students while staying connected to them during all aspects of the learning process. Teachers explore the use of collaboration tools to message, call, whiteboard, and file share while creating dynamic spaces for students to engage with the curriculum and their classmates.

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