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Cisco Connected Educator Virtual Field Trip Provider Badge Application Example 

Virtual Field Trip Provider BadgeBelow is an example of the Cisco Connected Educator Virtual Field Trip Provider Badge Application. You will receive an editable application for the badge upon CILC receiving your badge form of intent.


1. Please tell us your training experiences on Webex. 

Please include VOD viewed/dates and Live Training Dates.. 

2. Please provide us a link of the CILC Program that you used to participate in the badge.    

Make sure that all fields in the program flyer are completed including supplementary materials, vocabulary words, standards, etc.

3. What was the Request ID for your CILC Virtual Field trip?

The CILC Request ID can be found in 2 places. On your MY CILC Dashboard go to Program Requests and you will find it on the left hand side OR on the bottom of the CILC email of Program Date/Time of acceptance you will find it at the bottom.


4. Give us the link to your video

Use your Webex Teams account to record your video. Here are some ideas for content for your video about providing a Virtual Field Trip using Webex Teams. Please speak to one of the following 5 themes
  • All the tools, all the time, everywhere
  • Start a meeting with a single tap
  • Never miss a  message
  • Share files with anyone anytime
  • Show. Don’t Tell
By uploading the video of learning for the badge, you, the applicant, agree to creative commons license with no derivative and attribution. If you have students in the video, you, the applicant, are responsible to make sure that this complies with the video release policy of your local organization/school. For any student in the video and for yourself, we will need a signed release form. You may use CILC's if you wish. CILC Photo and Video Release form.


5. Please upload your Photo and Video Release form.


6. Provide CILC Staff Connection link to the Webex Teams Space used in the Virtual Fieldtrip.

CILC staff will be checking to see if the following appear in the Webex Teams Space

  • Video from Virtual Field Trip Provider giving an introduction to the program for Teacher/Students
  • Program materials for teacher/students to use before, during (if applicable) and after the program to expand learning


7. I have reviewed the Cisco Privacy and Security FAQ.