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 Consulting Services  

CILC Consulting Services

for Content Providers and Cultural Organizations

Whether you’re a novice using interactive videoconferencing (IVC) for the first time, or an experienced content provider wanting to enhance your use of the technology, CILC consulting services and workshops will put you at ease as you master the techniques of quality program development and delivery.

You will benefit from:
  • over a decade of experience in museum education and interactive videoconferencing.

  • deep commitment and support which ensures quality programs based on the very best practices in videoconferencing.

  • an understanding of the complexities of program development and delivery.

Consultation Sessions:



IVC Facility Design
Facility design is crucial to a successful IVC initiative. CILC’s staff of museum professionals assists cultural organizations with design issues regarding placement of IVC equipment. Issues such as lighting, sound, and crowd management all play a role in determining the best scenario for delivering IVC programming.
IVC Implementation Plan
A clear implementation plan is essential to a successful IVC initiative. Working with key staff of the cultural organization, CILC designs a plan which guides staff through the necessary components of launching an IVC initiative.
Program Development
CILC examines the organization’s key content areas and existing educational programs, facilitating design and development of new programs and/or adapting current offerings to a successful IVC format.
Program Review
To ensure on-going program success, CILC evaluates programs or new scripts for giving valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Pilot Program Assessment
CILC facilitates pilot programs. Providing an appropriate audience, CILC assists with communication, gathers feedback and guides the provider through modifications.

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Our Content Providers
Say It Best....

"My goal was to learn from an expert what I needed to know to have a successful IVC program here at the museum. CILC was perfect. Tami at CILC was knowledgeable, had personal experience in a museum setting, and was realistic in terms of equipment needs, spatial requirements, technology, and time commitment. Her interaction with my staff helped them gain a better understanding of what we are embarking on as well. It was the best money I could have invested in our future success.”  Sherrod Sturrock, Deputy Director, Calvert Marine Museum