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FAQs From Content Providers


CILC welcomes content providers who are committed to sharing knowledge and expertise via videoconferencing and collaborative technologies. Posting content to the CILC website allows you to dramatically increase the size and scope of your audience, expanding into new markets unencumbered by limitations of distance.

Below are a list of the top questions we receive from organizations that are interested in starting into Distance Learning with CILC. If you are not finding the answer to your question(s) please contact CILC’s Content Provider Liaison: Tami Moehring,


Q: Where are CILC’s Members Located?

A: : CILC’s members are located in the United States and over half of the countries in the world. Membership is FREE. 

Q: How many members receive your weekly newsletter that Content Providers can market their programming in.

A:  35,000 of the members receive our weekly newsletter that goes out every Sunday. Intermediate and All-Inclusive Content Providers get more opportunities to advertise in the newsletter.

Q: How many Content Providers are there on the CILC Website?

A: There are approximately 150 Content Providers from United States, Canada, Israel, Australia and Europe.

Q: How long is a typical program?

A: Programs are typically 45 to 60 minutes long and can change depending on the audience level they are targeted to.

Q: What is the average price for a program on the CILC website?

A: Most programs on our website are a point to point connection (which means a 1 to 1 connection/ Content Provider to 1 classroom connection at a time).

Average POSTED price of a program is $150.00 to $175.00
Average BOOKED price of a program is $110.00 (Average for the last 5 years)


Q: What does my organization need to have ready to deliver a program on the CILC website?

A: Each program has a description, vocabulary words, pre- and post-materials for students, national standards that align to the programs, format outline, and educational objectives.

Click on the following link to see an example of a program flyer:

Q: Who consumes the programs on the CILC website?

A: Most programs are delivered to a K–12 audience with a larger percentage of those going to the K–5 grade range. About 10% of our members are libraries and Lifelong Learners (Senior Adults). Lifelong Learners is a growing number and something that we have been expanding in the last year.

Q: Where can I find Virtual Field Trip programs on the CILC website?

A:  You can find programs in the Interactive Search Database. A link to that database can be found here.

Q: Does it cost money to be a member of the CILC website?

A: It is free to be a member on CILC  and to request programs. Content Providers pay a yearly membership to have their programs posted on the website. Memberships for Content Providers are broken down into 3 levels and information about that can be found here.

Q: Does CILC provide the connection for the Virtual Field Trips?

A: CILC provides the opportunity for members and Content Providers to use One-Click Connect for free which provides the member and the Content Provider a connection link or IP Address depending on what works for you. Content Providers however can use the connection application that they choose works best for their organization such as Webex Meetings, Zoom, H.323/IP Address, Skype, Google Hangout and Bluejeans are just a few we see Content Providers use on the CILC website.


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