Professional Development

CILC is committed to offering the highest quality professional development for a variety of professions.

We offer a rich inventory of programs for educational stakeholders, and we create customized programs for clients in other professions. Libraries, cultural organizations, and lifelong learning centers are among those tapping into CILC's professional development offerings.

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Zoom for Districts

Are your educators overwhelmed with conducting remote learning? Have you got Zoom for everyone but don’t have the skills necessary to use it at it’s full potential? CILC can help. We have been Zoom users for 6 years and know all the ins and outs for proper and secure usage. Register your educators for this 2 hour workshop and they will learn:

  • Zoom basics: Joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, audio and video set up
  • What is the difference? Zoom meetings, Zoom webinars, Cloud Room Connector
  • How to record and where to put it
  • Using the tools to engage learners: Virtual Backgrounds, screen share, break-out rooms, polling, Q/A vs. Chat
  • Other cool features: Annotation, closed captioning
  • Host management tools
  • Security measures
  • Resources: Tutorials and free CILC programs


Professional Development News & Events

Do you need some extra money for Technology??  Check out this grant program from Educators of America!  Grants from $250 to $5000!  Simple application here:

Did you miss our Class to Class Collaboration with Kristen Edwards from Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation webinar? You can catch up at anytime with the recording

Description: Giving Children the opportunity to communicate, share, and learn with peers is meaningful. When those peers are far from them, different from them, unique like them ... the experience is memorable! Great things happen when classrooms connect! Learn about Class to Class Collaborations and how you can get started! 

Title: Webex for Educators, Come Earn a Badge for Connecting your Classroom
Recording here
Password: Bc78UYJb
Description: Join us to learn how Webex in the classroom can provide you everything you need for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.  Webex is the only tool needed to collaborate with other educators, students and even your parents. 

Adapting Presentation for Videoconferencing

If you present over videoconferencing or are thinking about presenting over videoconferencing, this workshop is for you!

This interactive session uses activities based on adult learning theory to convey how easily face-to-face presentations can be adapted to videoconferencing. It offers practical tips on organization, camera appeal, interactivity, audiovisual materials, and teaching techniques, as well as hands-on experience with videoconferencing equipment.

CILC Customized Professional Development Series

Looking for that "just perfect" session for your staff?  Can't find anything in the list of offerings?  Contact a CILC Consultant to talk about your needs and set up a customized session that addresses your specific needs and resources. 

CILC specializes in educational consulting, especially when it comes to integrating videoconferencing and collaborative tools in the classroom.  Contact Tami Moehring today to explore your options.

Collaborations 101

Collaboration can make the difference between a school district where the status quo reigns supreme and one where enthusiasm abounds and continuous improvement can be expected. This interactive workshop focuses on videoconferencing strategies to develop a learning community where all models of collaboration are evident:

  • Classroom to classroom for student collaboration.
  • Classroom to the community for authentic student learning.
  • Teacher to teacher for sharing instructional strategies, developing curriculum, lesson planning, and examining student work collaboratively.
  • School to school for sharing ideas, professional development, and innovative projects.
  • Administrators to other administrators and central office to develop consistent and highly effective policies and procedures.

Video Content: Programs for Learning and Collaboration

Do you need to get your staff on board with interactive videoconferencing (IVC)? This awareness session serves a dual purpose.

  • First, for your staff, it creates interest in IVC and its resources.
  • Second, it provides a model from which to plan and deliver ongoing awareness sessions about IVC resources.
Grow your career with CILC Professional Development!

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