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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I pay for content provider program?

A. Each provider will bill your organization directly for each of their programs.

Exception: Organizations with a Content Dollar Bank CILC maintains an account for organizations with the CILC Content Dollar Bank service to track, pay and rectify all payments to the providers.

Q. Who should have a PIN and how much does it cost?
A.  Whoever is responsible for requesting programs and tracking program requests from a multi-user organization will need a PIN. Often that person is also responsible for making sure that program requests stay within an allotted budget. Thus, most organizations have one PIN for the one person making program requests. Larger school districts sometimes designate one person at each building to make program requests for just that building. In that case each of those persons would have their own PIN, thus multiple PINs for the district. There is a one-time setup fee for each PIN of $60.00

Q. How can I get a PIN?
A. Follow these steps:
  • Log onto www.cilc.org.
  • Click on the Member button. 
  • Click on the last bulleted item, Organizational Registration (PIN)
  • If your site is new to CILC.org, click on get your PIN now.
  • Be sure to read the rest of this page as it answers lots of questions about the PIN.
Q. How can I find my PIN?
A. Follow these steps:
  • Log into www.cilc.org
  • Click on "Go to MY CILC DASHBOARD"
  • In the box on the right entitled Site Scheduler, click on "What's My PIN?"
  • For further help, Contact CILC Helpdesk at 507‑388‑3672.
Q. What are the benefits of a PIN?
A. The benefits are:
  • Allows PIN owner to monitor all program requests made by members of the organization.
  • Lists your videoconferencing organization in the drop down box of requesting organizations.
  • Posts your videoconferencing organization in CILC's International Videoconferencing Site Directory
  • Access to Site Scheduler tools found in 'MY CILC DASHBOARD.'
  • Enables “Forward for PIN approval” so that your members’ requests are forwarded to you for approval before requesting from the Content Provider.
Q. Can I use the PIN created by my predecessor?
A. It is a good idea to check with CILC to see if your predecessor had a PIN!
CILC can help! Contact the helpdesk at 507‑388‑3672.

Q. What does CILC offer FREE?
A. Here's the list:

  • Membership
  • All searches on the website
  • Requesting Programs, both student and professional development
  • Tracking program requests

Do you have a question we haven't answered? Contact the CILC Helpdesk at 507-388-3672.