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Interactive virtual programs help make learning meaningful by giving students access to artifacts, ideas, and experiences they might never encounter as powerfully in the classroom or in the pages of a book.

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CILC Values Ambassador: Matt Schullek

CILC’s four ambassadors
Matt Schullek is a distance-learning specialist and museum educator who is passionate about helping others to use technology as a means of increasing access to educational opportunities for lifelong learners of all ages.

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In the video, Matt discusses how Virtual Learning levels the playing field for all learners

CILC’s four ambassadors advocate for CILC and help establish the foundational goals for each of our core values: relevant, diverse, global, and lifelong learning.

I used this program for a nursing class. The uses of medications were very applicable. This could be used for various groups of students. Loved the live nature of videoconferencing, being in contact with professionals in the industry and the kit included for hands-on learning.

CILC Member: Kentucky Educational Development Corporation


Content Provider: COSI Columbus

Program Title: You Become the Pharmacist

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