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Diverse Learning Value Seal

Virtual programs provide an understanding of culture and heritages bringing new awareness to learning. CILC’s live, interactive programs are inherently inclusive bringing participants to museums that they would not otherwise be able to visit.

CILC Values Ambassador: Darryl Bates

CILC’s four ambassadors
Darryl Batts is Chief Communications Officer for Oiada International and provides award-winning educational and experiential programs that empower student voices and build empathy with the stories of peoples and cultures around the world.

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In the video, Darryl discusses how virtual experiences can increase cultural learning

CILC’s four ambassadors advocate for CILC and help establish the foundational goals for each of our core values: relevant, diverse, global, and lifelong learning.

This was a great program and experience for the students in my class. The students were engaged, asked thoughtful questions, and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was a great resource leading into Black History Month and relating to the Superbowl the prior day. Students learned about the early struggles of African Americans in the NFL and were able to relate it to what is going on today.

CILC Member: Samsel Upper Elementary School — 5th Grade



Content Provider: Pro Football Hall of Fame

Program Title: African American Trailblazers (FREE)

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