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Who We Are

Expanding boundaries, igniting inspiration…the world at your fingertips!

At the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration we are passionate about carrying out our mission to support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.

CILC places great value on its Content Providers, nearly 200 of the very best cultural organizations and talent from around the world. They make it all possible by connecting students to unique subject matter, artifacts, and experiences. Representing museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, musicians, authors, and more,  many of our providers play important roles in collecting and preserving histories and cultures and in helping to advance critical scientific research and innovation.

Members—teachers and administrators, program and activity directors, and parents—have opened their doors to the world. Through interactive learning and collaboration, they help to expand opportunities for students of all ages to learn through engagement with over 1,900 professionally-delivered programs, evaluated by teachers for teachers.


In 2019, the CILC team and its Board of Directors adopted four Core Values to meet its mission. These Core Values are:

  • To provide specific opportunities to meet the needs of LIFELONG learners

  • To encourage GLOBAL learning opportunities to foster empathy and cultural awareness

  • To promote learning opportunities that are RELEVANT and engaging for learners

  • To create an inclusive, DIVERSE and equitable learning environment through CILC programs and collaborations

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To support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.


Leading the way to connect all people to the knowledge they desire.

Our Team  

Glenn MorrisGlenn Morris

Executive Director

An innovative leader, Glenn has developed and coordinated award-winning technology and applied academic programs, serving as a director for the South Central Service Cooperative. A teacher and administrator, Glenn has forged relationships for over three decades, shaping collaborative initiatives that connect education, workforce, and community.

Jan ZanetisJan Zanetis

Managing Director

As an educator and university administrator, Jan Zanetis spent 20 years in K–12 and Higher Education. In 2005, she moved into the corporate sector as an education specialist, first for TANDBERG and then Cisco Systems. In 2013, she began her current role as the Managing Director at CILC.


Tami MoehringTami Moehring

Content Provider Liaison

Tami Moehring is currently the Content Provider Liaison at CILC where she provides support, training and mentoring to Content Providers.  Before coming to CILC, she spent nine years in museum education working at the Minnesota Historical Society.

CILC Creative and Support Staff

Jason Borglum
Jason Borglum,
Instructional Technology
Gerard Breiter  
Gerard Breiter,
Information Management
Lisa Friend  
Lisa Friend,
Outreach Services
Rhonda Jensen  
Rhonda Jensen,
Support Professional and Help Desk
Roberta Jensen  
Roberta Jensen, Graphic Design
Sam Mikkalson  
Sam Mikkalson,
Website Development
Kelsey Rose  
Kelsey Rose,
Business Affairs

CILC Board of Directors

     Mark Brandt
     Kathy Carlson
     Linda Leiding
     Mike Pfeil
     Matt Ringhofer
     Jodi Sapp (Chair)
     Cindy Westerhouse
Jim Branstad
Jim Grabowska
Samuel Mikkalson
Darla Remus
Steve "Grump" Rholfing
Keith Wenner (Vice Chair)