Carnival Packages

Unlock the full potential of your CILC Membership with dynamic program packages that offer unparalleled flexibility and freedom while you benefit from our expert guidance and exclusive discounts.

As a member of CILC, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your learning experiences through our Carnival Program packages. With this program, you'll receive tickets to pay for live virtual field trips with world-renowned museums, zoos, science centers, and other experts in a variety of fields.

Purchase a roll of CILC Carnival tickets
Use 1 to 4 tickets* to book a program
CILC pays the content provider for you
Keep track of your tickets on the website dashboard

Virtual field trips are assigned a ticket value corresponding to their program cost, with the average program requiring 3 tickets. Members who have the Premium membership included with Carnival Packages can take advantage of saving between 10-25% on a range of programs.

Ready to take a Carnival ride? Get your tickets here!

Roll #1

10 tickets



Roll #2

25 tickets



Roll #3

50 tickets


Please note, you will be leaving the CILC website to pay on the 3rd Party website Stripe.

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Avoid swimming in paperwork by letting CILC work as your billing agent using their Content Dollar Bank System.


Questions? Contact Tami Moehring, Director of Member Relations, 507-215-3705.


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