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KC3~ Kids Creating Community Content Need Audience Sites- Grades 2-5


The KC3 ~ Kids Creating Community Content Contest is seeking audience sites for final student presentations in January and February 2010. Below are the five program descriptions with dates and times they will be offered for grades 2-5. All programs are free and many of the times are flexible. We will be scheduling one class for each session and are looking for audience sites that are willing to be active listeners and engage the student presenters in the Q and A session at the conclusion. Your school must have working H.323 videoconferencing equipment and complete an equipment test before scheduling. If you are interested please email your first and second preference to Bev Mattocks at and include your: Teacher Name Teacher Contact Information (email & phone) Class or Subject area School Information State TimeZone 5 ELEMENTARY KC3 PROGRAMS: It's a “HORSE of a Different Kind" ~ Target Audience grades 2-5 "It's a HORSE of a Different Kind" will take you from the origins of the horse to current day uses. We hope to enlighten our viewers with unique information about horses. We will even talk about the miniature horse. So come ride a horse with us down the trail knowledge. Possible Dates: February 5 or 10 Time: Prefers between 1:30 – 3:00(EST) but is flexible Life in the Southwest: Surviving in Tornado Alley ~ Target Audience grades 2-5 It is springtime in Texas. Imagine yourself with a storm approaching, winds howling and gathering speed while the rain is pelting the ground. Is this what it is like to be in a tornado? What do I do to keep myself safe? Come and join us as we learn about Tornado Alley. Possible Dates: February 10 or 11 Time: Between 10:00–11:00AM or 2:00 – 3:00PM (EST) Tracking the Lone Star Buffalo ~ Target Audience grades 3-5 Go Wild! Join us for an entertaining and interactive look into the history of buffalo hunting on the Western prairie. Follow along as we track the changes from the most primitive buffalo hunting of Native Americans to the legacy of the "buffalo nation" today. Possible Date: February 10 Time: Flexible scheduling Alaskan Wildlife ~ Target Audience grades 3-5 We will present information about Alaskan Wildlife, more specifically polar bears, arctic foxes and their abilities to survive the changing seasons. We will use videos, simulations, graphics, and explanations to convey our topic. Possible Dates: February 10,11,12 Time: Scheduling TBD based on time zone Buffalo Gap: A Gateway To The Texas Frontier ~ Target Audience grades 3-6 The "gap" in the Callahan Divide just south of present-day Abilene, TX became a favorite passage for the thousands of buffalo that roamed throughout the Great Plains. Buffalo Gap, as it later became known, soon symbolized life on the frontier as many diverse cultures were drawn to the bountiful hunting lands ultimately putting them on a collision course that helped to define the American West. Through this program, students will be able to relive the rich culture, harrowing danger, and captivating folklore of the Texas frontier. Possible Dates: February 11 or 12 Time: Flexible scheduling


January 2010 - February 2010