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virtual "Public Forum Debate”- Kyleigh's Law


On May 1st AN ACT concerning special learner’s permits, examination permits, and provisional driver’s licenses, designated as “Kyleigh’s Law will take effect in New Jersey . Under this law, all student drivers be issued two removable, transferable, highly visible, reflective decals indicating that the driver of the vehicle may be the holder of an examination permit or provisional license. All students will research the law and to write at least 5 reasons this law is good and 5 reasons why it is bad. The students will then choose a side and explain why the law is good or why it should be repealed. Two students will argue for the law(PRO) and two against the law (CON). Please have students email their arguments to: by April 9. We will select 4 students to present their arguments during a video conference that will be held on April 16th at 12:00 noon EST. Student teams may be comprised of students from more than one school. We will need one student to explain the law, one student for the coin toss, one student to keep time, and one to tally and announce the results. Students from all sites will vote. The teacher from each site will announce how many students voted pro, and how many voted con.


March 2010 - April 2010