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2011 Genocide and Human Rights Project


The Eastchester UFSD and Global-Leap are proud to announce the 2012 Genocide and Human Rights Project. The project involves a series of international multi-point videoconferences with recognized experts that focus on historical events: the genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Sudan. Each of the video conferences provides an opportunity for high school/secondary school students to interact with each other and a guest expert to learn about the events, share their knowledge and exchange ideas. The format of these moderated conferences includes an opening backgrounder by the guest expert, followed by a round-robin Q&A session with the expert. In addition to these video conferences, students from the schools collaborate on a Moodle site, participating in forums and chats about genocide/human rights. They will also develop wiki on the genocides, in addition to an “action project” that impacts on genocide or human rights. The action projects are shared during the culminating video conference. The conference dates/times are to be determined but the first will be scheduled in mid-April with the others following at intervals. We are seeking up to four more schools that are interested in full participation in the project, which would include: - all video conferences - posting to forums and chats on the Moodle site - collaborating to develop a wiki on the Moodle site - development of an action project to be shared during the culminating video conference Participating schools must have an IP video conferencing connection. There are no fees for participating in this project. Moodle site activities will begin before the first video conference and a test call will to the bridge will be scheduled. If you are interested participating in the project, please send an email (to John Blaser at that includes the following information: - Name of school/district - Location (city, state, country) - Name of teacher - Participating class and grade level - Number of students participating - Confirmation of IP connection and IP address - Confirmation of intention to participate in the video conferences, Moodle site activities and the action project


April 2012 - June 2012