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2nd Grade Cultural Exchange


Hello! We are a 2nd grade class at Buena Vista Elementary in Greenville, SC. Beginning April 26th, 2010, we will be studying different cultural regions in the United States. We are looking for primary classrooms in the Northeast, Midwest, or Western regions of the United States. We would like to share our culture in the South, and learn about your culture, too! We will discuss the following cultural characteristics: 1) Linguistic characteristics and sayings (for example, in the South we say, “Hey, ya’ll!); 2) Cuisine; 3) Clothing typically worn; 4) Music your cultural region is known for; 5) Famous natural landforms or landmarks to visit in your region; 6) Weather and climate. We expect the chat to last about 30 minutes. If you are interested in getting to know about our culture here in the South, please let us know! We look forward to meeting you! We are looking to collaborate the week of April 26-30 from 8:00AM EDT-11:00AM EDT.


April 2010 - April 2010