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Poetry Jam


Technology High School will be hosting a poetry jam on Wednesday, May 19. We are looking to hear from young poets. Middle School students will present in the morning and High School students will present in the afternoon. The students will: 1.Compose an original poem using similes, metaphor, hyperboles and personification 2.Present their poem via ITV using effective delivery strategies (e.g., eye contact, body language, volume, intonation, and articulation) when speaking. 3.Include audio-visual aids if they enhance the poem (ex. PowerPoint backdrop) 4.Engage in a question and answer session about their poetry with students from remote sites 5.Summarize, make judgments, and evaluate the content and delivery of oral presentations. Each student will have no more than 4 minutes total for their presentation including questions and answers. The participating teachers will evaluate the poems and presentations and select the best from their site to present. Each school should have 5-6 students prepared to present and expect at least 3 to present. 9:30 am -11:30 am - Middle School 12:00pm - 2:002:00 pm -High School Prior to the conference: Introduce the lesson by reviewing poetry terms Explain the procedure that will be used when students present their poems Review effective delivery strategies Emphasize the necessity of students’ being a respectful audience for their peers Distribute poetry presentation rubric and discuss components Give students an opportunity to volunteer to present poems first After each presentation give students time to complete poetry presentation rubric Please go to to register


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