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The Naked Turkey


1. Read the story A Plump and Perky Turkey by Lisa Bateman to your class as a whole group. 2. Each Student receives a copy of the "Naked Turkey". The students disguise or camouflage the turkey 3. Students fill in dialogue bubble. Can provide sentence starter if desired "I am not a turkey".... 4. When we meet for video conferencing, our students will take turns sharing their turkeys.Older students can write a descriptive paper and the best 4 or 5 can share with the other class. We have several elementary classes looking for partner class for this projest. As of today we have the following number of classes per grade looking to find a partner school: 1-Kinder 5-1st 1-3rd 5-4th I will update as schools in our district sign up for this event.


October 2010 - November 2010