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Live from Peru


Live from Peru Videoconference The Kitchen Family travelling in Peru, in partnership with Polycom, Videoconference Regional Leads Network, Matrix, The Centre for Global Education and E-learning Solutions will be hosting a series of videoconferences on November 16-17th. These videoconference sessions will be held Live From Peru in the ancient city of Cusco. They have teamed up with Mosqoy, a registered Canadian charitable organization working to bridge cross-cultural gaps between North America and Peru. Mosqoy aims to realize the future dreams of Peruvian students, in order to assist Sacred Valley communities to achieve sustainable development while upholding traditional Quechua values. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to connect with members of the Mosqoy organization, learn first hand about traditions and customs of the people of the Sacred Valley in Peru, understand how globalization is having an impact on their traditional way of life and have a chance to ask questions during the presentation. The goal of this Videoconferencing Project is to connect students in Canada to real life learning opportunities while enabling students to make meaningful contributions. Classes are asked to make a minimum donation of $50 and consider contributing to Mosqoy's long term goal "To get 20 schools on board to each sponsor one student in the Sacred Valley Youth Fund, agreeing to a long-term commitment." All profits from this Videoconference Project will go directly to supporting Mosqoy. For more information and to register visit… All times are Mountain Standard Time and will run from 45 mins to 1 hour: Tuesday, November 16 Wednesday, November 17 9:00 am Customs and Culture of Peru 09:00 am Effects of Globalization on Peru 10:30 am Customs and Culture of Peru 10:30 am Effects of Globalization on Peru 12:30 pm Effects of Globalization on Peru 12:30 pm Customs and Culture of Peru 2:00 pm Customs and Culture of Peru 2:00 pm Customs and Culture of Peru Customs and Culture of Peru - (Gr 2-Gr 7) This session will focus on the culture, customs and traditional ways of life of the Quechua (Indigenous) People of the Sacred Valley of Peru. Effects of Globalization on Peru - (Gr 8-Gr 12) This session will look at the increasing pressure on the traditional ways of the Quechua People in the face of globalization. We will look at ways students can help to combat the negative effects of globalization and support projects that make a positive impact.


November 2010 - November 2010