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Pen Pals Projects


A great way to bring students together to share mutually beneficial, instructional activities Expectations Divide your class of students in to 5 small groups labeled: A-E Each group will write a minimum of 1 letter per month to the partner class group using email or snail-mail. Teachers can decide if one letter is written by the group or if each student contributes a letter to the group package. (This prevents someone from being disappointed if a student moves in/out of a classroom) Each participating class will participate in at least 3 video conferences: -By Nov. 1, choose a fall date/time (maybe a holiday theme) -By Feb. 1, teachers will agree on date/time for Read Across America week (Feb. 28-Mar. 4- ). -By Apr. 1, choose a finale date/time. -Additional connections are optional. Registration Deadline is Oct. 1. Please send the following information to Linda McDonald ( - Name - School Name - School address - Grade level(s) - Email address - Technical Contact information - IP or ISDN Video Conference capabilities


September 2005 - May 2006