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CyberSurgeons is a complete curriculum package that aims to increase science literacy in human anatomy & physiology, biology, and health topics and to increase student awareness of the process and importance of clinical trials. The live simulation is conducted through a video-conference link from classrooms to the Challenger Learning Center. The case-based learning (CBL) modules are downloadable from the CyberSurgeons website and emphasize both human anatomy topics and clinical trials protocol. The CBL site also contains teacher professional development materials focusing on problem-based and case-based learning strategies. Formative and summative evaluation procedures assess components of the CyberSurgeons experience and funded research studies the effectiveness of design content. The NIH-funded project seeks to collaborate with science teachers of grade 9--12 students in the evaluation component of the project. This collaboration request is closed for new inquiries. Thank you for the many responses. 4/1/2011.


February 2011 - April 2011