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Gingerbread Baby


I have Pre-K, Kinder, & 1st grade classrooms located in Hewitt, TX looking to connect with other Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade classrooms between December 10th to December 20th on the following project. Connecting classrooms would need to work out time/date for the connection. Our classrooms will read the book, Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. The goal of this project will be for each classroom to create their own Gingerbread Baby, write step-by-step directions to create their Gingerbread Baby and send those directions for the collaborative classroom to follow to create a duplicate. An alternative would be for each classroom to create a video with students giving directions for the collaborative classroom to follow also. • Each classroom would start with a kid-size piece of brown butcher paper for the body. • Each classroom would work together to create step by step directions for what their gingerbread baby should look like. Your list could include descriptive (colors, shape, etc) and positional words (above, between, below, etc.) to provide specific directions for the other classroom to follow. Extension: After creating list you could create a video of your students describing/giving clues about the Gingerbread Baby for the other classroom. • The directions will then be exchanged via email for the partner class to create a duplicate Gingerbread Baby. During the video conference: * Classrooms could give a quick intro to where they are located. * Share Gingerbread Baby’s and compare/contrast creations based on directions provided. Collaboration can be made via internet/webcam or Polycom system.


November 2012 - December 2012