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Seeking a high school class to connect with a Bataan Death March Survivor- September 26, 2013


Captured by the Japanese after the fall of Bataan, Lester Tenney was one of the very few who would survive the legendary Death March and three and a half years in Japanese prison camps. With an understanding of human nature, a sense of humor, sharp thinking, and fierce determination, Tenney endured the rest of the war as a slave laborer in Japanese prison camps. His is an inspiring survivor’s epic about the triumph of human will despite unimaginable human suffering. Program will last approximately 45 minutes. Dr. Tenney will present for 15-30 minutes, with 15 or so minutes of student Q&A to follow. Dr. Tenney will be at the Museum on Thursday, September 26th only to connect with schools.


September 2013 - September 2013