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Animals, Animals, Everywhere


I am working with a pre-kindergarten class. The class will be studying the State of Louisiana including different kinds of animals that are found in the state: woodland animals, insects, wetlands animals. We would like to know about the different kinds of animals that live in your state or country. Since this is pre-k, we will only use email to setup conferences. We would like to use Skype to conference with other pre-k or kindergarten classes about the animals in their state or country. We will track the information on a Wiki. We are planning to set aside Wednesday mornings beginning March 11th and ending March 25th, for conference calls. The students have enjoyed this project so much, we are extending our time. Send an email if you are interested or would like more information. Although this project is directed to pre-k and kindergarten, we do invite older students to share their knowledge with us! Please visit our wiki:


March 2009 - April 2009