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CILC Coloring Book

Attention pre-K-5 teachers!

CILC has developed a great post video conference activity for your students, The CILC Coloring Book. This downloadable booklet has over 30 full page graphics from our content providers for your students to color in after they do a program with that content provider.

This will make a great memory keeper for the students and can travel with them as they move up through the grades. For a one time cost of $25 you can get the download link and share with any teacher in your school!

Get Yours Now!  Download and Print Copies for Your School

Only $25 per school
CILC Content Provider Coloring Book


 Contact Tami Moehring, CILC Content Provider Liaison, 507-215-3705.


Byrnes Health Education

Program: "Cells to Systems"

Reaction from CILC Member

“It aligned to what the students were learning in class. The students were able to experience a field trip without leaving the school. Students were able to see, a heart and lung, and they wouldn't have been able to without this program. ”

5th Grade Teacher

Byrnes Health Education Center

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