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Search CILC for over for over 2,000 unique participant evaluated interactive video distance learning programs, offered by over 175 Content Providers from around the world. No matter what your audience may be there is a program to fit your needs.

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Search through our Visual Content Provider Directory to discover behind the scene photos, in action programs and more.

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Live streaming programs available from September to May when you purchase a Virtual Expedition package for $75.00.

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Discover how CILC’s partner Nepris can help your students get connected directly to Industry Experts. Bring real-life professionals into your classroom based on your time and requirements.

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Are you looking for several programs around a particular curricular area or age group but have limited time to find them? Let us help. We can put together a customized bundle of the best programs on CILC to meet your criteria!

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Want to get take programs specifically designed for your audience in mind or meet up with a group of content providers just like yourself? Then check out our cohorts, designed to meet the needs of the early learner, lifelong learner and our content providers.

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CILC is committed to offering the highest quality professional development for a variety of professions. We offer a rich inventory of programs for educational stakeholders and create customized programs for clients in other professions. Libraries, cultural organizations, and lifelong learning centers are among those tapping into CILC's professional development offerings.





2,000 unique video distance learning programs  •  Over 175 content providers from around the world