Lifelong Learning Programs

Roam from Home and Happy Trails are FREE live interactive programs for adults.  Programs are developed in collaboration with CILC, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology, and Anthropology (Penn Museum) and the National Park Service


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The Roam from Home programs delivered on the first Tuesday of the month have been generously underwritten by the University of Pennsylvania

Open to all, the Penn Museum is home to remarkable objects and powerful stories that emerge from its excavations and research across the world. Connect with the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean, from the very first cities of the Middle East to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt; from early Mexico to the lives of Native American communities today. Experience the richness of the ancient past, gain an understanding of our shared humanity, and find your own place in the arc of human history.

Happy Trails

National Park Service
The Happy Trails programs delivered on the second Tuesday of the month are delivered by a partnership with the National Park Service

Discover the great wonders and expand your historic knowledge of the United States through the National Park Service. Attendees will virtually visit majestic parks from all corners of the United States and learn about historic sites and monuments with our Happy Trails programming.

Check out the schedule below.

Happy Trails Ulysses S. Grant in St. Louis

by Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

This program will explore Ulysses S. Grant's life experiences in St. Louis. Participants will learn about Grant's relationships with his family, his farming ventures, and the politics of slavery in St. Louis beore the Civil War.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

4 pm ET

Happy Trails: Life in Denali

by Denali Education Center

This program is an introduction to what it takes to live in Denali. Do you often wonder what it might be like to live in Alaska? How far do they drive to get groceries? How does she live without running water? This one-hour program will answer these questions and more as guests get a glimpse into what it takes to live in Interior Alaska. A year-round resident will share their experiences of living in Denali. Through personal stories, videos, or even photos from weddings and potlucks- you will learn about what draws people to live in a cold, dark, unique, and truly amazing place.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

4 pm ET

Happy Trails: The Puzzle of the Past (Modified for Adult Learners)

by Mesa Verde National Park

This program explores the different ways we can learn about Mesa Verde's past, from Pueblo knowledge passed down through the generations to archaeological investigations and perspectives.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

4 pm ET

Happy Trails: Plant and Animal Adaptations

by Joshua Tree National Park

This is an introduction to the National Park Service and highlighting some plant and animal desert adaptations while showing plants in their natural habitat and using animal props

Thursday, October 13, 2022

4 pm ET

Happy Trails: The Ancestral Sonoran Desert People

by Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

For over a thousand years, the Ancestral Sonoran Desert People called the desert their home. During this program, students will be introduced to the culture, daily life, and survival of the ancestral people as they complete a drawing activity along with a ranger. They will compare life in the past to their lives today. Students will be introduced to the mission of the National Park Service and how they can help protect Casa Grande Ruins for future generations.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

4 pm ET

Happy Trails: Tour through Time: Exploring History with Artifacts

by Midwest Archeological Center

The Midwest Archeological Center takes care of archeological collections from national parks. Take a tour of these collections to see how artifacts tell stories of the human past and learn how we care for artifacts!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

4 pm ET