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Global issues and perspectives are an integrated lens for learning in any and all content areas. Global learning can facilitate holistic outcomes — student engagement and empowerment that lead to academic success, an increased world awareness and overall well-being.

In today’s globally-competitive world, interactive learning and collaboration helps students to develop the ability to work with others, practice social-emotional control, and be cross-culturally competent.

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Develop a global learning perspective.

See first hand the power of Global Learning and Empathy.

Ambassador Kristin Edwards shares her students' experiences with global learning and its impact on them.


Member Experiences

Aerial view of Australia


"I enjoyed Holly's personal ease of describing life and willingness to talk about economics, healthcare, taxes, climate change and politics while answering questions without being judgmental."


CILC Member: Laurel Lake — Retirement


Program: Talk with an Aussie; Culture & History of Australia
 by Fizzics Education USA

Global Learning Ambassador

Kristin Edwards

Kristin Edwards is a Distance Learning Specialist for the Center for Instruction, Technology, and Innovation in central New York, where she enjoys connecting students and teachers to other individuals and classes all over the world.

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Programs that align to CILC’s four core values are recognized for quality and awarded these seals, based on recognition by Value Ambassadors, staff, and members' feedback, earning 2.71/3.0 points on 3 or more evaluations.

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