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Engaging content and AUTHENTIC learning experiences

Inclusive, DIVERSE and equitable learning environments

Cross-cultural, GLOBAL competency

Personal empowerment of LIFELONG learning

At CILC we're all about connections

ENGAGING PROGRAMS that connect with the very best cultural organizations and talent from around the world

Classroom to classroom collaborations that CIRCLE THE GLOBE

LIFELONG LEARNING for older adults living independently or in residential care

AUTHENTIC LEARNING experiences that nurture a global mindset

Connect with CILC to broaden your own learning and gain more connections to a broader world.

CILC and its Board of Directors have adopted four Core Values to meet its mission to support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.

Core Values for Interactive Learning and Collaboration are:

  • To excite and connect learners with engaging content and authentic learning experiences

  • To foster empathy and cultural awareness through global learning opportunities

  • To create an inclusive, diverse and equitable learning environment

  • To provide opportunity for lifelong learning

We invite you to explore our Core Values below

Artifacts, ideas, and experiences one may never encounter in the pages of a book

Virtual learning programs help to close the opportunity gap

Global issues and perspectives are an integrated lens for learning in all content areas

For those in their retirement years, CILC offers unique learning opportunities

CILC Company Profile

Do our values align with yours?


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Contact Janet Zanetis, CILC Managing Director, 507-386-2972

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