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CILC connects learners to INTERACTIVE programs that are
Authentic, Diverse, Global, and Lifelong






In 2019, the CILC team and its Board of Directors adopted four Core Values to meet its Mission which is to support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.


These Core Values are:

  • To provide specific opportunities to meet the needs of lifelong learners

  • To encourage global learning opportunities to foster empathy and cultural awareness

  • To promote learning opportunities that are authentic and engaging for learners

  • To create an inclusive, diverse and equitable learning environment through CILC programs and collaborations

Learn more about CILC and our Core Values in our company profile.

CILC Value Seals

CILC programs are evaluated for alignment with the four Core Values. 

Many programs are recognized for quality and awarded Values seals, based on recognition by Value Ambassadors, staff, and members' feedback.

CILC Authentic Learning Value Seal
CILC Diverse Learning Value Seal
CILC Global Learning Value Seal
CILC Lifelong Learning Value Seal

Exciting and connecting
learners with engaging
content and AUTHENTIC
learning experiences

Interactive virtual programs help make learning meaningful by giving students access to artifacts, ideas, and experiences they might never encounter as powerfully in the classroom or in the pages of a book.

Ambassador Matt Schullek discusses how Virtual Learning levels the playing field for all learners

Creating an inclusive,
DIVERSE and equitable
learning environment

Virtual learning programs help to close the opportunity gap. All students, regardless of where they live, can learn from content experts and experience diverse cultures and heritage to authenticate their own stories and bring meaning to their learning.

Ambassador Darry Batts discusses how virtual experiences can increase cultural understanding

Developing GLOBAL
learning perspective

Global issues and perspectives are an integrated lens for learning in any and all content areas. Global learning can facilitate holistic outcomes—student engagement and empowerment that lead to academic success, an increased world awareness and overall well-being. In today’s globally competitive world, interactive learning and collaboration helps students to develop the ability to work with others, practice social-emotional control, and be cross-culturally competent.

Ambassador Kristin Edwards shares her students' experiences with global learning and its impact on them.

Providing opportunities
for LIFELONG learning

Virtual learning programs help to engage active adults and groups of older people living independently and in residential care. Lifelong learning cultivates a sense of personal empowerment as well as increased self-esteem, for a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and enriched life.

Ambassador Dale Hilton discusses how interactive learning experiences can benefit seniors.

To find out more about CILC, or if one or more of our Values aligns with your organization,

please contact Jan Zanetis,