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Oiada International is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that has been providing award-winning educational and experiential programs via videoconference that takes learning beyond the four walls of the school building. Since the opening of our NJ and Ghana, West Africa centers in 2009, over 400,000 students in 50 US states and 32 countries worldwide have engaged in our programs. What differentiates our programs from other distance learning programs is that we give students the opportunity to interact “LIVE” face to face with their international peers in order to develop educational/cultural awareness and relationships. 
The primary goal of Oiada is to prepare students for the global workforce and empower them to become 21st century global citizens and world leaders. One way to make education relevant is to provide students with the necessary learning tools and opportunities so they gain the core competencies necessary to understand and appreciate the world in which they live while caring enough about others to want to make a global difference. Global education is not a new idea…but how to deliver that education is where we excel. Oiada’s programs provides a unique opportunity for educational and cultural growth, which gives students an edge in the classroom and a head start in life.








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"This Land is my Land, This Land is your Land" with Students from Africa

The goal of our International Geography program is to help students understand their land and other lands around the world. Through a "LIVE" connection with students from Africa, students will describe places and environments from their country.


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Eye-Opener: The Beauty of Africa

Africa is truly one of the most misunderstood of all the continents. Africa is four times the size of America. Its people speak over 2,000 languages, and the continent itself experiences all four seasons. We could spend all day enumerating...


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International Show and Tell

Students will share and discuss objects (e.g. food, clothing, games) from their home country with students in Ghana. Likewise, students in Ghana will share and discuss objects from their country. Students will gain an appreciation for cultural...


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Learn to cook African dishes

Oiada International would like to give a demonstration on preparation of foods indigenous to Ghana. The interactive session will include a demonstration of traditional techniques with common foods such as Cassava, Plantain, FuFu and Banku.


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The programs of Oiada International cover:

Community Building
Creating a School/Community Partnership (Vista)
Program Development
Video Conferencing Awareness
Video Conferencing Integration
Video Conferencing Presentation Skills
Industrial Technology
Community Interests
Social Studies/History
Fine Arts
Foreign/World Languages
Career Education
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Special Education
Technology/Information Science
Problem Solving
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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

Julie M. Tovay-Ryder, Social Studies Dept., Franklin High School, Franklin, NJ
“Our students had a remarkable time learning about the history, economics, geography, social and political struc-ture and the culture of Ghana. The exchange of questions and answers between students was truly 21st century learning. All the students agreed that our time together was too short for there were so many more questions they had to ask.
The following day the students came to class singing the song they heard the day before. I had the students look their Akan names and they are proudly displaying those names on their school papers. We were truly amazed at the similarities between the students and fascinated by the differences. We were honored to build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean to better understand another culture. Much appreciation for your wonderful program.”