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Science Central is a non-profit focused on STEM based learning. We provide hands-on programming in an exciting mix of demonstrations and labs beamed directly to your location!

We opened on November 5, 1995 and are located in a renovated Light and Power Plant. We are the only regional science and technology center in Northeast Indiana. We are also the only NASA Educator Resource Center in Indiana.

We are open throughout the whole year and are able to provide programming during the school year as well as during the summer.




Programs by Science Central

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Body Matters

What is 7-feet tall, topped with blue hair, and has a lot of guts? Stuffee!! This over-sized doll unzips down the front and helps kids of all ages unlock learning about the digestive and respiratory systems. Let our skilled demonstrator lead your...


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Engineering the Process

This engaging lab’s focus is on process skills. Students will formulate questions, identify variables, construct a project, test and repeat with an exciting hands-on activity that challenges your students. This lab makes a great introduction to...


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Global Human Impacts

Humans are impacting our environment! Students will see how we are adding to our planet’s surface and atmosphere. Students will discuss if these additions have positive or negative impacts upon our society and planet.


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Moon Phases Lab

Ever wonder what a “Blue Moon” or “First Quarter Moon” means? Students will discover the answers as they become part of a solar system, learning about the moon and its phases using Science On a Sphere.


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Plant Survivor Lab

Students will learn what seeds need to germinate and grow into healthy plants, discuss what plants are in their favorite foods, and will work in groups to sort seeds by description. Become a “Plant Detective” and investigate how you can help...


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Science On a Sphere: Solar System Adventure

What makes up a solar system? What does it take to be classified as a planet? Is the sun a star? Students will find the answers to these questions and more as they become honorary space explorers and travel through our solar system.


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Telemetry: Tracking the Ocean's Animals

How do biologists track animals as they travel? Watch a great white shark make a 6,897 mile migration across the ocean and watch the movements of other ocean predators in this unique view of marine animals on Science On a Sphere.


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What's the Matter?

Liquid nitrogen is always a smash hit, and we present this demonstration with lots of cool phenomena for the students! Younger students are exposed to concepts of very low temperatures and their effects on materials around them. Intermediate and...


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