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Virtual Learning Experiences from the Ohio History Connection offer an engaging, blended learning adventure that brings history to life for students, educators, and lifelong learners of all ages. Our award-winning, live and interactive programs can easily be accessed at your site with equipment you’re likely to already have. Join us as we use the tools of history to understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us through the lens of curiosity.

Our mission is to spark discovery of Ohio's stories, embrace the present, share the past and transform the future. Connecting people throughout the nation and the world to the stories of Ohio is a part of our daily work and is accomplished through educational efforts such as our distance learning programming. 

The Ohio History Connection inspires all learners to use the tools of history to understand ourselves and each other, to experience our world with curiosity, and to engage as change-makers in our communities.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization chartered in 1885, the Ohio History Connection and the State of Ohio have maintained a longtime public-private relationship whereby the Ohio History Connection carries out dozens of history services for Ohio and its citizens.



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Programs by Ohio History Connection

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Can She Trust You?

Students utilize social and emotional learning skills and apply inquiry-based learning skills as they interview residents of Ohio Village to help Rowena, a freedom-seeking woman, find the Underground Railroad conductor. Interactions with first...


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So You Know Government game show

In So You Know the Government, teams of students will compete against each other as they answer questions about the origins, structure, and responsibilities of federal, state and local government. Our game shows provide teachers with an active and...


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So You Know the Election game show

In So You Know the Election, teams of students will compete against each other as they answer questions about the election process, past elections, voter requirements and responsibilities, and more. Our game shows provide teachers with an active...


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Test Call with the Ohio History Connection

We require groups who haven't done a test call during the current school year schedule a test call with our studio at least one week prior to the date of your program in order to verify that we can establish a good virtual connection between our...


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

We just finished the videoconference. It COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER! The students loved it, were enriched by it and felt very successful. Your team was superb. Everyone involved would like to thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone. Thank you for all of your help.
Debbie Bergen LMS, Archer Street School, Freeport,NY

The Ohio Historical Society offers wonderful programs aligned to standards as well as encouraging the students to use critical thinking to come to conclusions. They are entertaining as well as informational.

Excellent presentation. Great visuals. Loved the interactivity of the presentation.
a 5th grade teacher from Michigan

The eyes of the students were on the presenters almost 100% of the time...wish I could achieve that!
a 4th grade teacher from Ohio

The characters made this very interesting and it was interesting to hear the stories. It really made the history more interesting then what I remember in school!
an elementary school technology coordinator

Excellent realistic presentation and interaction. Thought-provoking. Our Seniors loved it! The presentation came over as factual,informational and entertaining. Appropriate for engaging our assisted living residents.

Without a doubt - this is the BEST video conference I have ever done. Extremely interactive and well-organized.
a Pennsylvania middle school teacher